I’ve invested 99-cents buying this web site, www.UsToo2020.com (plus another $12 for the dot.org and dot.us. suffixes as well).  I think they can be worth about 60,000,000 votes for the Democratic candidate in 2020.

Every political analyst talks endlessly about the Democratic party’s desperate need to connect with the vast number of “average Joe’s and Jane’s” who were neglected by the candidate in 2016. They point to the hollow volume of reporting, blogging and bombast churned out by the NY Times and Washington Post, the pundits at MSNBC and the lengthy features appearing in Mother Jones and the Atlantic, all talking endlessly among themselves but in fact, reaching only a small portion of the electorate.

Consider these pathetic numbers, 50 percent of eligible voters are not registered and of registered voters, half do not show up at the polls!  Actually, they do vote by not voting!  And by remaining idle on the sidelines, they implicitly support policies that hurt them!

When you feel excluded, ignored and insulted (did you just call me deplorable!) it’s not surprising to conclude, politicians don’t care about us.  My vote doesn’t matter, much less count.

I don’t think these millions of Americans are ‘dumb.’  Instead of sneering at them for the head-scratching lack of understanding that Obamacare (vehemently against) and the Affordable Care Act (all for it) are one and the same, it’s more helpful to ask, where on earth do they get their information.  And how do you reach them when they don’t read the NY Times or Vanity Fair or watch Meet the Press on Sunday morning?

It’s a mistake to knee jerk ‘Fox News’ as the answer.  Opinions and attitudes are formed from the everyday realities of the lives they live.  And that’s where Social media comes in, playing a huge part in influencing opinions and arousing the motivation necessary to move them to the polls. And that’s why the “UsToo2020” slogan and matching domains on the internet can be crucial, reaching out to the millions who live between Manhattan and Hollywood and providing a destination that unites them with a powerful political movement of like-minded peers.

Georgia’s Stacey Adams and Florida’s Andrew Gillum reached out to them and damn near won their gubernatorial races.  They delivered a powerful message to their state’s working-class folks, the families struggling to get by… letting them know, you are needed and wanted.  They heard the message, and they registered and voted.

The Dems can steal a page from the Trump playbook with a clarion call that reaches out to the millions of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck and who feel disenfranchised and disadvantaged.

UsToo2020 is a slogan that takes off where #MeToo leaves off.  It uses the momentum of the Women’s Movement to create a national coalition of newly empowered voters.  It says to those who previously were neglected and ignored, the Democratic party hears you and we’re the party that represents you and your interests.

It’s called a “Positioning Statement.”  It places the Democrats in the column of the people who have been neglected and ignored.

Democratic National Committee CEO Seema Nanda, the UsToo20920 slogan and the domains (www.UsToo2020.com), (www.UsToo2020.org) and (www.UsToo2020.us) are yours’ to use.  Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete, they are yours’ to use.  Perfect for you, Bernie.  Ditto Beto and Amy and every Democratic running for office in states where the percentage of eligible voters is shamefully shy of representing the true body of voters.

UsToo2020 is a slogan that turns the audacity of hope into a movement for inclusion, equal justice and equivalent economic opportunity.  It can inspire first time and occasional voters to create a powerful voting wave that will sweep the Democrats into office.

When I was on Madison Avenue, I gave a lot of brands simple, descriptive tag lines that identified them as the best choice versus the other products on the shelves and sold a zillion dollars’ worth of snacks, pharmaceuticals, airline flights, gasoline and you name it.  UsToo2020 is a good tag line.  It says a lot for a lot of voters.

Think about it.  If you know someone in the Democrats hierarchy.  Give them my email.  For 99-cents they can win the election!


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