I am writing this from a time machine

I am writing this from a time machine

I’m on a beach in Mexico. Lazing under a palm-thatched palapa. I am not thinking about the Super Bowl, the government shut down or the Dow Jones average. Indeed, I am not thinking at all. Absolutely nothing is on my mind. And that is what I want to send you from my lounge chair facing the ocean: nothing! An ocean of nothingness.

I decided to send you this blank message from Mexico weeks ago when I was floating in nonexistence back in Chicago.

I simply made the flight earlier. In my mind. I visualized the beach, the ocean, felt the breezes, sipped my cerveza, luxuriated in the shade of the palapa and created the nothingness I am sending you.

Sometimes the empty mind makes life so simple. All one must do is just kick back and let the flow of life… flow. It’s easy – nothing to it. I usually get there with a stop along the way, a place of beauty I visualize as I follow the hypnotic directions, “breathe in four counts, exhale six counts,” descending the stairway to where I am now, weeks later!

Visualization is a wonderful way to change the dynamic. I don’t use it to escape reality but to calm anxiety. When I am calm, I can think clearly. How can I post to my blog from an isolated beach in Mexico? I’ll create a time machine and send what a write now, from there, weeks later!

The intention behind my daily meditation is to move from “outside” to “inside.” When I leave the material world behind and empty the mind, I become connected to the infinite vastness of the universe. And when the gong sounds I am back to earth laughing at the absurdity of the notion that the tiny, worldly problems that bother me actually matter!

When we feel beleaguered, that’s when the benefits of a meditation practice come into play. We can empty the mind of the compulsive need to have answers; we can stop “thinking” and let intuition and spiritual insights surface effortlessly on their own. The paradox: we begin to see with our eyes closed.

The intention is to observe the changed state, the shift in mood from anxious to calm… experiencing the power within to change the dynamic.

Silent visualization takes us on a path of discovery. With the mind calmed we see the repressed thoughts that are driving us and not serving us well. Perhaps for the first time we can make the connection between past events and current behavior. Going forward we can leave the bad stuff behind and take the good stuff with us.

With the mind quieted we stop dwelling on the negative side of things and conjuring up dire endings to scenarios that have yet to be written. Instead of compulsively blowing up pint sized annoyances into tsunami sized waves of angst, we can conclude, “What happened, happened.” Now there is choice as to what happens next. We decide: victim or victor?

I trust you received my post. Here’s a thought. Why not come and visit me? Whatever technique you use, and there are endless variations of methods guiding you to stillness and serenity, you can empty your mind and take a spectacular trip that cannot be booked on Expedia!

Now I’m getting back into the time machine and sending myself a message of nothingness to be opened when I get back to Chicago. It will be a reminder to swim in the cosmic ocean before I open my eyes and return to “real life.”

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