This is more than politics. This is about good versus evil.

This is more than politics.  This is about good versus evil.

Disclaimer for my Republican readers: I prefer dialogue to demonizing, but events this week really floored me.

Hate consumed anti-Semite guns down eleven at Pittsburgh synagogue.

Evil is real. It has always existed in corrupt power bases, lurking in the sewers and dank alleys on the fringes of society. But it is out in the open now. According to a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League the number of reported anti-Semitic incidents in the United States surged 57 percent in 2017, the largest rise in a single year since the annual poll began tracking such crimes in 1979.

2017, of course, was the first year of the Trump administration.

Trump supporter charged with mailing deadly pipe bombs to prominent Democrats.

Evil has been unleased from its home in the cesspool and roams free on Fox news and the president’s unharnessed twitter account knowingly inciting his base with wanton bigotry and explicit approval of violence. He heads a Republican party led by politicians catering to sanctimonious evangelicals who believe that a fear-based dogma can reduce the Spirit to a Sunday service at a mega church for the elite.

Trump waffles regarding killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Most of us have evolved sufficiently to by-pass the reptilian brain, learning to thrive instead of merely survive. But like the persistent nonvertebrate remnant of the embryonic tail there are those of us who live in survival mode dominated by characteristics of aggression, obsessiveness, idolatry and fear. They are the minions of evil, brutes existing among like-minded enablers, an aggrieved multitude known as the alt-right.

Tens of thousands take to the streets protesting administration’s immigration policy.

It’s not enough to hope that things will get better. Hope correlates to our inclination to act. Hope gets results when we think of it as verb rather than wishful thinking.

Those of us truly appalled by the climate of hate being engendered by the President must speak out. We can’t despair. Courage expands the heart. Fear shrinks the heart.
We must be warriors, warriors of light unafraid of the dark arts.

“There is some shit I will not eat.”

Bend this rant to fit your own appropriate expression of thought and emotion. However you couch the plea, beseech your Republican friends to leave ideology behind and listen to the heart. At some point in time, and surely we are at the end-point of even the most far-fetched rationalization in defense of our tweet-crazy President, Conservatives must acknowledge the unexpurgated ee cummings quote that heads this paragraph!

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