Grab your grandchildren by the shoulders and shake them hard

Grab your grandchildren by the shoulders and shake them hard

Before you call Child Welfare on me for child abuse, I’m simply quoting an admonition familiar to generations of parents annoyed with kids who didn’t listen and needed a sharp reminder to wake up!

The scolding is overdue.

Because last presidential election we elders assumed that the responsibilities of citizenship we held so dear could be taken for granted; having spilled our blood in its defense, surely the right to vote was inviolable.

Accordingly, we voted our weight, 72% of us going to the polls. But we neglected to smack our kids and grandkids upside the head to remind them to do their duty as well.

Sure, the millennials who voted went for Hillary 55% to 37% for Bozo, but they made up just 19 percent of the electorate, the lowest voter turnout of any age group! That's half the share of the Baby Boomer voting bloc who were 38 percent of the electorate, and that’s why we have an intellectual pygmy representing our country and passing off tweet turds as political discourse.

The harsh fact: less than half of the eligible voters from the generation carrying the torch of America’s future cast a ballet in the last presidential election. Compare that dismal turnout to the voting record of us Grammys and Grampys who care about something other than posting another narcissistic preen pic on Instagram.

Thus, the slap upside the head. It’s a wake-up call for the nation’s Millennials warning them that our democracy literally may stand in the balance depending on their turnout at the polls and the outcome of this November’s mid-term election. The 2016 vote is unique for the demographic — it marks the first time that essentially all the millennials in the country are old enough to vote. Which translates into 31% of the overall electorate.

So, kids, the ball is in your court. Take my dressing-down to heart. And let me remind you, when we were growing up we didn’t have cell phones and electric cars and iRobot Roombas sweeping up the kitchen, we invented those marvels you take for granted!

Grow up and take over where we are leaving off. Vote, and change the direction of the country.

Or you’ll be paying off your student loan and sleeping in the basement until the house is repossessed.

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