Making amends that are long overdue

Dear Black America, Please join my family and me for dinner at our house. Plan on sleeping over because I know we’ll have a great time and won’t want the evening to end. Oh, and bring your granddaughter, she’ll have fun playing with our own sweetie who is six and a half and a source... Read more »

Enough already with the Sturm und Drang!

“You sure are hard on yourself.” A friend and long time reader of my weekly blog laid that assessment on me as we caught up with each other at a recent lunch. “You tried your best, you never acted maliciously, and from what I can see you’re blaming yourself when the responsibility for what transpired... Read more »

Sodom, Gomorrah and me

This post is less about coming up with reasons and ways to cheat death than it is about the struggle to keep making the effort. I spent the July fourth weekend listening to the thump, thump of a musical aberration called Machine Dance, observing the future first hand and concluding the world is on the... Read more »

The comfort of old friends and the courage to face the future

Long time friends visited from Paris this weekend and it was heartwarming to renew our connection after years with an ocean between us. We talked nonstop, eager to hear about and speak to the ups and downs of our lives during our time apart, waxing nostalgic about our shared memories, effusive in expressing the feelings... Read more »

Father’s Day made me happy. Today I’ll make myself happy.

I had a lovely Father’s Day weekend; royal treatment from daughters and sons-in-law warming my heart and hugs from my precious granddaughter turning it to mush. Memorable were the dinners with special friends, my Umami pals as I call them, who always add a special savor to our evenings together. After all these years of... Read more »

The Path to Enlightenment

It is highly unlikely that my likeness will ever be photo shopped sitting serenely in front of the Bodhi tree. As for living up to my spiritual name, Hari Jiwan Singh, I can barely pronounce it never mind be the kind, creative and prosperous Lion who understands that God is his life, and who walks... Read more »

Less Facebook - More Face to Face

I had a question for our accountant, a long time friend who has been doing our tax return for more than twenty years. As if on automatic pilot I began to write him an email. Then it dawned on me. I know this man. I have a relationship with him. What is keeping me from... Read more »

Back to the Bachelor’s Life

Many of my friends are widowers. After years of marriage their wives received a dreaded house call from Doctor Death and they’ve been thrown back in time, once again living the single life and cautiously thinking about as the loneliness sets in. I tend to have attitudes more uninhibited than most so I’m a... Read more »

Struggling to make sense of a world gone mad

It’s either a Xanax or this post. The daily news out of Washington is driving me up the wall and I have to let off some steam or become unhinged. In school I was taught about a democracy that served the people, all the people from all levels of our society. But it is clear... Read more »

My Five Steps For Growing Old Gracefully

It hit me like a ton of bricks. “I’m old!” I was making a presentation to the last of my sizeable clients, wondering with increasing dismay why my pitch was going over like a Louie C.K. rant to a Southern Baptist Convention. Then it dawned on me: I was a desiccated prune talking to a... Read more »