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Knowing when to put the camera down

Knowing when to put the camera down
I’ve been on vacation for the past week. My kids are finally old enough that I don’t have to glue my eye to them at all times, and they’re strong enough swimmers where I don’t have to be in the water. For the first time in almost 18 years, I feel like I’ve been able... Read more »

Redefined Road Trip

The thought of a road trip in college and even throughout my 20s, brought sheer joy to my mind.  Jumping into a car, eating junk food, figuring out maps, giggling from being over-tired and lost… Fast forward five kids, and road trips have a new definition. Instead of taking 10 minutes to pack, it now... Read more »

I vacation at Walmart

Shutting the door, breathing a sigh of relief that you’re finally on your way, and dreams of a fabulous vacation fill your head.  Well, It doesn’t take long for that image to POP, because you know you forgot something. Let me give you our current vacation agenda (at least in my mind)…  Get keys to... Read more »