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30 Odd Action Figures

Super Mom - I'm sure it was modeled after me - at least the one on the left
I was simply looking for an Iron Man action figure for my three year old and ran into to most unusual figurines.  I was in a novelty train and hobby store and I kid you not, there was a Jesus action figure.  Doesn’t it seem odd that you would use him to battle with your... Read more »

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2010

This is a remote control motorcycle that has really refined it's capabilities.  It can navigate the tightest courses and sharpest turns while still remaining upright.  Retail price: $24.99
Every year Time to Play Magazine comes out with an influential list of hot toys for the upcoming holiday season.  The prices of the toys seem to keep going up, but surprisingly this year the highest priced toy on the list is $69.99, and many of them are under $30.  They’ve reviewed thousands of toys,... Read more »