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Parenting: When to bail them out and when to let them suffer

My 14 year old is now going on her 8th phone.  Somehow they just break, or someone else lost them.  She has earned every one – however I do think we’ve been a little light on the punishment side.  Obviously the natural answer is – DON’T GET HER ANY MORE. Here’s the problem.  We get... Read more »

20 reasons Grown-ups like Facebook

Not only can we be nosey when our own lives seem a little mundane, but we can hide the fact that we're doing so
I was definitely not a fan of Facebook when it first arrived on the social networking scene.  The only reason I finally gave in and created an account was because I wanted to spy on my 13 year old.  Also, my mother had an account so I needed to see what was captivating both generations.... Read more »

Why I'll never write a book about raising teens

I can’t believe I have to do this four more times.  With having a 14 year old, I’m only two years into the teen phase, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. The way I understand it is that all kids go through this insane transition period.  A parent can either choose to... Read more »