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Phelps loses to Lochte: He's still Extraordinary

Phelps loses to Lochte:  He's still Extraordinary
‘Lochte dominates:  400 IM; Phelps fails to win medal’ USA Today.  ‘With loss, Phelps no longer seems invincible’ NBC Olympics.  ‘Disaster! Michael Phelps fails to medal in 400 IM’ Yahoo News. ‘Michael Phelps’ fourth-place finish…leaves him looking ordinary’  Star-Ledger Earlier today, Phelps competed in the 400 IM, the event he had won at the past... Read more »

Swim meets (a parent's perspective) - photo documentation for becoming the next Michael Phelps

For years I’ve been going to swim meets and while I thoroughly enjoy watching  my kids compete, the process of getting to those vital couple of minutes of glory, is quite entailed.  Few sports can compete with swimming as far as preparation time compared to actual competition time.  I have a tremendous amount of respect... Read more »

Youth Sports - how young is too young?

As I completely outfit my three-year-old from head to toe in his soccer gear and think he is the cutest thing on Earth, it really dawns on me how old he’s getting.  So like any modern-day mom, I promptly post his picture on Facebook and wait for the compliments to pour in. The first “friend”... Read more »