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Christmas is about the presents

Christmas is about the presents
Facebook is bursting with claims regarding Christmas as being too commercial.  You don’t need presents – all you need is family and love.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  Give homemade gifts this year.  Curse all those gluttonous fools spending money they don’t have. I think those quotes, pictures and posts are all true.... Read more »

Black Friday: Surviving and Enjoying the Madness

Black Friday:  Surviving and Enjoying the Madness
When you mention Black Friday, you get three different reactions.  1.  “I Love it.  I have my list and rip into those stores – I have no mercy!”  2.  “You have to be certifiable to go out that day.  I hate crowds and am way too smart to throw myself into that madness.”  3.  “What... Read more »

Black Friday 2012: The Survival Series

Black Friday 2012:  The Survival Series
Twelve years ago, on the Wednesday before Christmas, I remember getting a call from my girlfriend saying, “Toys ‘R’ Us is having a huge Black Friday sale and they’re opening at 6am – can you believe it?  Let’s go!” There was no hesitation, I thought it was such a fun adventure.  We could barely see... Read more »

Procrastinating shoppers rejoice: you're doing the right thing

Procrastinating shoppers rejoice: you're doing the right thing
When it comes to shopping for the holidays, I consider myself a bit of an expert.  I start looking and making purchases toward the end of August.  I have 5 kids, 6 nieces, 3 nephews and multiple siblings, parents and friends to buy for – I need to treat this like a marathon, not a... Read more »

Grocery shopping redefined: Amazing new method to measure nutrition

While you stroll through the grocery store, do you mindlessly throw the same products in your cart, or do you take the time to wonder if you’re getting a nutritionally sound product?  It takes a lot of time and I am constantly reading labels. I avoid a few buzz words such as partially hydrogenated oil,... Read more »

I vacation at Walmart

Shutting the door, breathing a sigh of relief that you’re finally on your way, and dreams of a fabulous vacation fill your head.  Well, It doesn’t take long for that image to POP, because you know you forgot something. Let me give you our current vacation agenda (at least in my mind)…  Get keys to... Read more »

Do You Woot?

There’s something I need to confess.  I have a secret obsession.  In order to satisfy it, sometimes I stay up until midnight to get the first “fix” in.  If I can’t manage to keep my eyes open that long, it’s the first thing I do in the morning.  I even do it before I get... Read more »