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Your dog is not welcome here

Your dog is not welcome here
It’s 7am.  I have 10 loads of laundry, a disaster in the kitchen, empty pantry (or so my kids say), 100’s of ants attempting a break-in at my backdoor and two kids that need to be at swim practice in 30 minutes.  Yet I’m sitting at a dog park. This past winter I learned about... Read more »

10 terrible tips to train my puppy

"You should have NEVER gotten the dog from a shelter.  It's your fault because you didn't go through a breeder and you had no idea what you were getting.  Everyone is out looking for a buck and that kennel is laughing because they just got yours.  You only adopted from a shelter to feel good about yourself."
Two months ago my family adopted a shelter puppy. My biggest concern was making sure she got along with the eight year old dog we already had.  However, after seeing them run in the yard, wrestle most of the day and sleep in the same bed, I wondered how we could have deprived our only... Read more »