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Dear children: thank you for the gifts

Dear children: thank you for the gifts
Dear Children: As I laid the guilt trip down for your dad when he said he needed to be out of town this whole week, I secretly knew you would all be so incredibly helpful that I was just milking the situation.  It was so much more than I could have asked for, so I... Read more »

30 Odd Action Figures

Super Mom - I'm sure it was modeled after me - at least the one on the left
I was simply looking for an Iron Man action figure for my three year old and ran into to most unusual figurines.  I was in a novelty train and hobby store and I kid you not, there was a Jesus action figure.  Doesn’t it seem odd that you would use him to battle with your... Read more »

The 10 Worst Mother's Day Gifts - Helpful Hints for Husbands

I guess as mom’s we should appreciate anything that we receive on any day, but there really are some gifts for Mother’s Day that are just bad.  These suggestions are geared toward the husbands out there.  Yes, we know we’re not YOUR mother.  It doesn’t matter.  You need to get us something.  But if you’re... Read more »