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15 Healthy lunch options kids WON'T throw away

I first found Wholly Granolly at Mariano's but they were expensive.  I tried a box and the kids ate them in five minutes.  I then went on the Funley's website and ordered them by the case.  There is Wild Apple Berry, Double Choc. Chip and Peanut Butter Pretzel.  Chocolate is probably the least healthy, so of course it's the one my kids love the most
When I complained about the crappy snack options for lunch, I received some great suggestions.  Read the comments on that post if you want some pointers for salads and fresh lunch options. In an ideal world, kids would eat fruit, vegetables and lean protein.  What I’ve discovered is if that’s all they get, they trade,... Read more »

Grocery shopping redefined: Amazing new method to measure nutrition

While you stroll through the grocery store, do you mindlessly throw the same products in your cart, or do you take the time to wonder if you’re getting a nutritionally sound product?  It takes a lot of time and I am constantly reading labels. I avoid a few buzz words such as partially hydrogenated oil,... Read more »

Crazy Eating Contests - Kobayashi eating bread and water now

Takeru Kobayashi was arrested on the fourth of July at Coney Island after Nathan’s International Kobayashi in a previous contest Hot Dog Eating Contest.  You might recognize Takeru because he’s won the dog eating contest every year from 2001 to 2006.  He didn’t compete this year because of some contract issues with Major League Eating.... Read more »

Make Dinner Easy

Let me start by saying I am one of the worst cooks in the World.  Which isn’t an easy task to accomplish when so many mouths are depending on me.  I get into the grocery store and panic, just anticipating the inevitable question “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” I believe I have found the solution to that... Read more »

Snack at Joe's

Thank you Joe for providing me with a respite from the mundane task of providing nourishment for my family.  I have fallen in love with the stationary pirate ship otherwise known as Trader Joe’s.  The atmosphere of ringing bells, brown paper bags and Hawaiian shirts makes you feel like you’re doing something adventurous instead of... Read more »