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Parents need to provide more snapshots for their kids

Parents need to provide more snapshots for their kids
When you dig deep into your memory bank, do events play back like a movie, or like a photo album?  I have a difficult time remembering most things – except if it’s to recall an exact quote that will prove my point in an argument with my husband.  But as far as my childhood goes,... Read more »

The Hunt is On

As the kids in our extended family started getting older, they were loosing interest in our somewhat lame easter egg hunt.  It gradually started to evolve into something that is an absolute blast every year. First we ditched the real eggs.  We started filling plastic eggs with more adult friendly candy.  However half of my... Read more »

I vacation at Walmart

Shutting the door, breathing a sigh of relief that you’re finally on your way, and dreams of a fabulous vacation fill your head.  Well, It doesn’t take long for that image to POP, because you know you forgot something. Let me give you our current vacation agenda (at least in my mind)…  Get keys to... Read more »