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Cyber Monday vs Black Friday  This is a one-stop shop that shows you almost all of the great deals out there.  There are just so many, that it takes forever to get through them all.
For the last segment of my Black Friday Series, I need to address Cyber Monday.  I would also like to start by saying I’m not a huge fan.  This day does NOT always have the best online deals and kind of like Black Friday, you need to do your homework to know you’re getting a... Read more »

Black Friday 2012: The Survival Series

Black Friday 2012:  The Survival Series
Twelve years ago, on the Wednesday before Christmas, I remember getting a call from my girlfriend saying, “Toys ‘R’ Us is having a huge Black Friday sale and they’re opening at 6am – can you believe it?  Let’s go!” There was no hesitation, I thought it was such a fun adventure.  We could barely see... Read more »