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No Candy for Valentine's Day: Allergies are Changing the Classroom

No Candy for Valentine's Day: Allergies are Changing the Classroom
When I was growing up, I loved Valentine’s Day.  It was filled with funny Valentine’s from friends, often accompanied by a tiny red circular lollypop with a white heart imprinted on the front.  Those were the best Valentines.  The ones that had candy attached.  There weren’t too many, but I can still tell you the... Read more »

All that candy... now what?

All that candy... now what?
Four kids trick or treating times four hours each, equals a truckload of Halloween candy.  Last night they ate with reckless abandon.  I’m not even sure any of them had anything of substance for dinner last night – unless you count the peanuts in the Snickers.  I had no problem with them shoveling it in... Read more »

Bad and Better Valentine's Gifts: Gift guide

Purchase the "Betters" on this list if you don't want to see this on February 15th
Remember when you were a kid and Valentine’s Day meant decorating an old shoe box and finding the perfect valentine for the other kid you had a crush on?  You had to wonder if you signed your name on the card with the upside-down elephant on it that said, “I flip over you” if he... Read more »
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