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11 Fourth of July FAILS

You have to at least admire her confidence
I’m not sure what your plans are for the Fourth of July, but hopefully you won’t be doing any of these to yourself or your pet… But if you do, please send me a picture. For this and more, please follow Cheaper Than Therapy on Facebook

11 places I DON'T want to see the American flag this Fourth of July

I'm sure this is not what was intended when the word patriotic was associated with the flag
I was going up an escalator in Woodfield mall yesterday and as I looked up, I saw two ass cheeks staring me in the face.  Just above the cheeks, I was horrified to see shorts that were about 6 inches long with the American flag printed on the backside. Did you know there was a... Read more »

Obama Campaign Redesigns the American Flag

Obama Campaign Redesigns the American Flag
I try my best to stay out of the political arena.  I’ve worked on campaigns before, but only when I’ve known the candidate.  I’ve also supported both Democrats and Republicans.  Not the most popular stance, but I believe in issues and people, not parties. With that said, I do have to take a stand on... Read more »