Are you going to write anymore?

Are you going to write anymore?

That's a question I get via text, email or in person at least once a week. I never know how to answer. The simple answer is yes. Yes I will. The more complicated answer is, it depends. I haven't written consistently in months.

I never write to get views or clicks on advertising or to gain popularity. I write because I see something great that I'd like to share or maybe an injustice that deserves attention. I write because I'm sitting in my 4,000th parent meeting and suddenly realize most of them are bullshit.

I never want to put my kids in a compromising position so I have to sensor myself often. Certain parents would take it out on my kids if I write something offensive. I believe in saying and writing whatever I feel but never at the expense of my kids. It was also kind of annoying when I was at a party and one of the moms  would get way too tipsy and slur, "You're not gonna white about dis er you?" Uhm, no. Nobody cares about your drunken escapade except maybe your husband.

I also found it was becoming a burden and it took time away from my kids. It amazes me how some people have so much time to post so often - I just can't seem to squeeze in the opportunities as often as I wish. However I anticipate some chunks of time in my near future that will allow me to get some things out there that have been nagging at the back of my brain.

So the bottom line is, yes, I will write again. Also, no, I won't write about you. That is as long as you don't act like an asshole.


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