Back to school - can't get here soon enough

Back to school - can't get here soon enough

We just finished up Fourth of July and already I'm seeing back-to-school sales and supplies in the stores. While most people and kids in particular cringe with those signs, I'm not completely crushed that back-to-school is right around the corner. I think I need some "normalcy" that the school year seems to provide.

Some of the reasons that I need to put this summer behind us:

  • A fender bender in the parking lot caused by my daughter created an incredibly disappointing situation, but not because of the almost-too-small-to-see minor dent in the bumper. Both going 2 mph, somehow the other party claimed after they left that we caused their entire car to fall apart. I lost a little faith in humanity after that one - why do people search for opportunities to be unethical?
  • With one daughter working in a bar with a closing time after midnight and another needing a ride to running club at 5:45 am every day, sleep is severely lacking. Unfortunately my husband doesn't share the burden and obsession to stay awake until everyone is home safely.
  • Because my oldest was offered an invaluable internship a couple weeks ago, our family vacation was cancelled.
  • While at a swim meet for my son, my long distance running daughter decided to run home early from the meet - which she's done dozens of times. Not long afterwards, my phone rang, "Mom, I just got hit by a car." She was almost home when a car clipped her from behind. A neighbor heard the thud and a scream so called 911. After an ambulance ride and a thorough once over, we lucked out with just scratches, bruises and a concussion. Their side mirror was taken off, and really, the car looked worse than she did. Her nickname isn't tank for nothin'.
  • A week after that, another hysterical call from one of my kids and another terrible car accident involving three vehicles. The cause? ducks. I hate ducks now. Everyone is fine, but our wallet is much, much lighter than it was at the beginning of summer.
  • I have a daughter at camp this week. It's in the woods. They don't allow cell phone whatsoever. She didn't even bring hers. As I should be rejoicing that she's going to learn how to disconnect, I'm in a panic that I can't use "find my iphone" every few hours. I can't text her at night to find out what new adventures she experienced that day. For a semi-controlling mom, this is torture.
  • I have a son that won't stop reading. On the outset, this may seem like a humble brag, but really, he doesn't stop reading. Everything we do or everywhere we go, he needs to be reading. Tons of kids at the pool playing and he's kicked back on a lounger obsessively reading. I try to get him to make plans with friends, but he doesn't want to, he just wants to read the next book. Most people tell me they would kill to have their kids read like he does, but when he chooses to read constantly instead of enjoying real-live people and experiences, isn't that a thing too?

As they say, this too shall pass. Although I am enjoying some really special moments with my kids, I could use some normalcy and stability. Bring on the back-to-school sales. I'm going to love buying that stuff so much more this year...


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