Amazon Prime Day sucked

Amazon Prime Day sucked

I was so looking forward to Amazon Prime Day. More deals than black Friday!

Uh, well, ok. If you're celebrating black Friday at a swap meet. And getting shown the items one at a time. Let me be fair. Being shown the ENTIRE swap meet about 15 items at a time. After you get shown the useless items, you look to see what might be coming up and what you might figure out how to incorporate it into your life.

I wanted it to be good so badly. Due to a husband traveling and my natural worrying state, I happen to be up at midnight and checked in with Amazon. Eh. It'll surely be better in the morning.

No such luck. Unless you're looking for a spare set of wheels for your skateboard. Being the ultimate bargain shopper, I needed it to be good. I was willing it good. I saw that a Stratego game was going to come up in 45 minutes. I remember playing that as a kid. My son will love it. I'll jump on the treadmill for a quick 30 minutes while waiting.

Well, we all know how that goes. After jumping off, my daughter needed a ride for her work carpool, my son couldn't find his lacrosse stuff, the dogs were going nuts, needed to mail a letter to my daughter at camp.... AAAHH - My Stratego game. Hope I didn't miss the lightening deal.

Jumped back on Amazon. Shit. All claimed. I went on the waiting list where they told me my chances of getting it were poor. Waited for a good 30 minutes but had to drive everyone where they needed to be. Of course I forgot about it again and by the time I got back to my computer, I realized I got it! I just needed to put it in my shopping bag. 20 minutes ago. SO SORRY, DEAL IS OVER.

What a pain in the ass. Who has time for this kind of sale? I love, love, love Amazon. My husband won't even run to the hardware store for lightbulbs anymore - he's as addicted to the online store as much as I am. It's all Amazon, all the time.

I'm not abandoning ship Amazon, but your better-than-black-Friday-sale sucked.


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