Facebook and Fairytales: A perfect combination

Facebook and Fairytales: A perfect combination

Disney destroyed us all. No matter how many issues the characters had throughout a story, it all ended up with a neat little bow-tied package. Everyone drifted away happily ever after.

My kids are starting to get out of the fairytale Disney phase, however now we're faced with the flawless bow-tied pictures on Facebook.

Everyone has perfect kids and they're incredibly close BFFs. They also have the most beautiful, respectful, achievement-oriented teenagers out there. They're amazingly charitable, well-travelled and on their way to complete success.

WTF? Really?

I live in a house full of teenagers. If I compared my every day with Facebook, I would constantly feel like a failure. In fact, I often do feel like a failure without any help from Facebook, but it does provide some nice chunky sea salt to rub into the wounds.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the happy updates and it restores my faith in family when I see so many great pictures and heartfelt dedications. However, please let us know there are occasional faults in the stars. It can't possibly be perfect ALL THE TIME.

I don't need to hear every intricate drama - that's totally private and keeping Facebook light and happy makes it an easy and very fun place to visit. But it's a terrible place to go when you're facing challenges - especially really big challenges. Facebook is occupied by Prince and Princesses that are all living their happily ever after.

I am totally guilty of posting smiling family pictures and cool kid achievements, but I also have no problem letting the world know my family and I are very far from perfect. Personally, I like hearing about a little adversity in a person's life. It makes me enjoy their happy pictures that much more.

Disney is still the King of Fairytales, but I'm thinking Facebook runs a very close second. Just to piss all those happy people off, the next morning my kids are fighting as they're getting out the door, I'll snap a picture and post it. As an added bonus, I might attach an audio clip that goes with the argument that will most likely be variations of the words: "SHE'S WEARING MY…….."


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