Fresh Thyme - it's about Thyme!

Fresh Thyme - it's about Thyme!

Are you a Whole Foods shopper? I am and I'm not. I love all their selections and they have great presentation. The smells grab me immediately. It's never overly crowded and I think the variety is amazing. Then I go to check out and everything changes. I always think they rang me up incorrectly because with so few items, there's no way my bill could be so high...

If I go to the more reasonably priced stores, the produce usually looks like crap.

Enter Fresh Thyme! It's a great new grocery that just opened in Deerfield, but they have a number of locations starting to open in various states.  Not only is the produce fresh, but the prices are great. I wish I was closer, but it's definitely worth the drive. They only carry natural meat raised without hormones and have incredibly fresh seafood. It's like going to a really great farmer's market every day.

Now I will warn you that similarly to Whole Foods, some of their every day goods don't have very reasonable prices. However their sale items are incredible.

I'm not getting any deals from the company, but love when I make a new amazing discovery and hope these kind of places stay in business, so here are some of the links that might help you find and fall in love with Fresh Thyme:


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