Blackhawks lose: now what?

Blackhawks lose: now what?

The Hawks lost in overtime last night. Our household was in complete disbelief and sadness. The Blackhawks fought like crazy and we were thinking there was no way they could get this far and not have the fairytale ending.

Am I a huge hockey fan? Not really. Did I play when I was younger? No. Do I even understand every single rule? No. So why will I even miss the Blackhawks playing?

One time, not that long ago, someone asked one of my kids if we do anything special together as a family, something like art, music, movies... The first thought was, no, not really. But upon reflection, the answer was, YES! SPORTS! We bond over sports.

We travel quite a bit with each of our children's activities which often involves staying in hotels and having a lot of quality one-on-one time. Beyond those weekends, we spend a great deal of time watching and rooting for all Chicago sports teams.

Playoff season is particularly special because it's one of the only televised programs that we all agree on - besides Pawn Stars.

It doesn't matter what the sport is, during playoff season, we treat each game like it's the Super Bowl. Dinner revolves around the event and piling on the couch finagling for the best spot becomes it's own sport. It's awesome. It's one of the only times nobody fights and we all have a common goal. The anticipation of the game day is almost as great as the event itself - we love every part of it.

Until our team loses. We're lifelong Cubs fans, so we're no strangers to losing. But when it's the playoffs and you have such a desire to move on to the next level, it makes those losses so much more impactful.

I'm not saying our quality time ceases to exist after playoffs end, but it just gets a little more difficult to carve out time and appease everyone's interest.

So, thank you Blackhawks for providing more than entertainment. Thank you for provided memories and a great excuse to bring our whole family into one room and rooting for a common cause.

Instead of dwelling on the disappointment, I guess now we have to change focus and start looking forward to the Cubs and their playoff hopes.

BAHAHAHAHA - I think maybe we'll just start counting down the days for Da Bears.


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