Reality TV - I hate to admit I watch it

Reality TV - I hate to admit I watch it

Tonight I was given the task of writing about guilty pleasures. Describe something I'm not exactly proud of, but participate in anyway. My first thought was food, but that list is insanely long, so I had to go another direction. The worst and probably most humiliating thing I do is that I'm fascinated with reality TV.

I hate that I know all the real housewives of everywhere by face, but can't name all the Presidents by their pictures

I hate that I know what ALDC stands for

I hate that I know who says "eeees ohkaaay"

I hate that I know the difference between a natural and a glitz pageant

I hate that I know who "The Situation" is

I hate that when anyone says "the tribe has spoken", I shudder

I hate that I know who wears a giant clock around their neck

I hate that I know who said, "Who Gonna Check Me Boo"

I hate that I wonder what ever happened to the band O-Town

I hate that when the rumors of Chumlee's death came out, I knew it wasn't true right away because of his tweets

I hate that I can't figure out what all those wives see in Kody

I hate that I've seen Honey Boo Boo's belly button talk

I hate how vicariously I live through the traveling Amazing Racers

I hate that I've taken fashion advice from Stacy and Clinton

I hate that I only watch hoarders when I'm cleaning the laundry room to make myself feel better

I hate that I can't figure out why Jenni doesn't quit on Jeff

I hate that I knew who Kristin Cavallari was before hooking up with Cutler

I hate that when someone says "Big Brother's Back", I don't automatically think of my own brother

I hate that one of my dreams is to go antiquing with Mike and Frank

Yes, full confession that although I don't keep up with all of these lives on a weekly basis, I do check in from time to time and see what they're up to. HOWEVER, I have to say I am VERY proud to report that I have NEVER kept up with the Kardashians, so I still consider my dignity intact.


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