Why I write

Why I write

Last night a friend of mine called and said, "Do you have any idea what you started?"

If there's one thing I know for sure it's that I wasn't born with many filters. I say what I think. I say what I experience. I leave it out there for everyone to judge. Right, wrong or indifferent, it is who I am.

So when I was asked what I started, I thought it could probably be a couple of things - so I asked for a hint. Apparently there was a little uproar about one of my previous posts and people were offended. I was asked by a group of moms that are clearly much more important than myself to stop writing my blog.

You would think my knee jerk reaction would be to tell them where to stick their opinion, but I just listened and thanked them for their advice. I thought about why I write for a good long time. Here are my reasons.

  • I love interacting with readers and it's a catalyst for both witty banter as well as affirmation that others feel the same way
  • It's a great record of daily living
  • Life is incredibly amusing, isn't it fun to read about different observations? Besides a brag board, that's why Facebook is so popular
  • I'm a night owl. Around midnight I have incredible insights and want to chat with someone. My husband has been asleep for hours, so the keyboard becomes my best friend. I've never written a post in the light of day
  • I enjoy manipulating words to express exactly how I feel. For me, creating a great sentence is like an exquisite piece of artwork
  • It's a very cool feeling when words pour themselves onto the paper/screen
  • Everyone knows exactly where I stand. I never talk behind anyone's back - what's the purpose?
  • The bottom line is, I just like it. I speak for myself and if you find something you relate to, it makes me so happy.  I'm also perfectly fine if you disagree -- I learn quite a bit from that as well

Thank you all for sharing your world with mine - I appreciate the interaction more than you'll ever know.


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