Record cold in Chicago = warm weather posts on Facebook

Record cold in Chicago = warm weather posts on Facebook

I live in bitterly cold Chicago and you live in steamy hot New Mexico. Frost is lining the inside of my door and sand is gently blowing across your front steps. On Facebook, I post a picture of my kids so bundled up that the only thing exposed is their eyes. You post a picture with a tropical drink in the forefront and kids running in the background wearing shorts. My caption: Baby it's cold outside. Your caption: This is why I moved here!!! Life is beautiful here where it's warm!

This is a public service announcement about what we're all thinking: We get it. Our life sucks because we're cold. Your life is better because you're warm.

Here's the thing you don't understand, it's not when it's -20 when we're envious of your weather. If you really want to stick it to us and prove how much better living in warmth is, then post late January or all of February when it's gray and slushy. That's when we're really itching to get out of Dodge.

As much as I'd rather my kids be in school today so I could get shit done that I've put on hold for two weeks, being forced to spend a day together is actually something I'm secretly looking forward to. My oldest is off to college next year, and there aren't too many days that we're all in the same house at the same time - pretty much not any. We're putting life on hold today and my 11 year old is planning an agenda that includes games, baking, making videos and watching movies.

Do the pictures of you soaking up the sun look awesome? Yes.

Do I envy your house? No.

As long as it's warm and cozy inside your house, it ultimately doesn't matter where you live. It's not the proximity to the sun that gives you warmth, it's the people you're with that do.


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