All girls don't want to be cheerleaders

All girls don't want to be cheerleaders

I was recently forced asked to help on a committee for the middle school my girls attend. It's for an event this spring that's basically a basketball tournament. The meeting was a long drawn out two hour conversation about what else could be provided for the girls to participate in.

The reason I didn't help out last year on this committee is because I remember getting an email asking if there were any dads out there that could help with reffing and if there were any moms out there that could bring them water during breaks.

Enough said.

Since both boys and girls could enter teams in the 3v3 bb tournament I wondered why we needed to provide special entertainment for the girls. Our conversation went downhill from there:

"Not all girls play basketball. They want to be cheerleaders. While the boys are playing, we could get high school cheerleaders to teach the girls a routine that they could perform during a break in the action. The girls will love it. All girls want to be cheerleaders!"
"Uhm, then my girls must all be dudes because learning a cheer while everyone else is enjoying the action would be their worst nightmare."
"It's fun, cute and everyone will have a great time."
"I guess if we're back in the 50s where girls stood around and clapped for boys, then yeah, you're probably right."
As I was completely ignored I heard, "Well, I'm getting on the phone tonight to call around to high school girls that would volunteer their time. We should get bows."

After the meeting broke up, I felt like I was really in the minority and told my girls they better get 3v3 teams together and ask all the girls they know to put together teams. Not much longer I recieved a phone call from a committee member that wasn't there, but obviously had an opinion.

"I would like this committee to work well together, and I believe you have a problem with girls learning a cheer?"
"While I find it ridiculous, I don't have a problem with it, but I do have a problem with the thought that every girl wants to be a cheerleader. I bet the majority would rather feel welcome playing in the tournament than clapping for those that do."
"I just have boys, so I don't know as much about raising girls, but I do know they have much more fun with the bows and dancing than they do sports and we want to make sure everyone is included so we'd like to offer a routine for them."
"I honestly can't refute that without vomitting, so let's just agree to disagree."

I think I found my way off the committee.


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