UPS delivery failure: GET OVER IT

UPS delivery failure: GET OVER IT

Twitter and Facebook is filled with hatred toward deliveries that failed to get to homes in time for Christmas morning. Disappointing? Yes. Tragic? NO.

To all the whiners out there that have put the delivery giants on notice that they will no longer do business with them, I'm sure you'll make quite the impact - brilliant idea. The only people that have a right to compensation are those that paid an additional fee for speedy delivery, and UPS already stated they will make up for that debacle.

One twitter twit stated, "My present didn't make it - my Christmas is ruined #hateUPS"

If your child is devastated by not getting one of their presents on time, or if Aunt Bee will be distraught by not receiving her hair curlers on Christmas morning, then you have more problems than UPS. The presents make Christmas morning a blast, but it's the people, not the presents that make Christmas special.

If you're that worried about the material things, then why didn't you get your act together sooner and order your presents before the last minute rush? Most of you know I'm a little biased because I usually see my UPS driver more often than my husband, but I too was let down by a delivery and recieved a gift that was ordered two weeks ago just today. I'm not angry - it's a bonus. My daughter will be thrilled with the extra surprise. Perspective people. Perspective.


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