The BEST New Year's Resolution

The BEST New Year's Resolution

Put your phone down.

I'm not saying disconnect completely. I love my phone and find it a great way to relate to so many. However, when you're with real live people, put the phone down and be with them.

Three incidents in the past week reminded me that we are looking at our phones far too often.

  • Sitting at Panera with my kids, we saw a dad with his teenaged daughter. They ate their lunch in complete silence. The dad never looked up from his phone once. The daughter just ate her soup and stared at him. We could almost read her eyes begging her dad to talk to her. We were there for 30 minutes and not one word was exchanged.
  • I went out with friends that I've known for 20 years, but we only get to see each other a few times a year. One woman was on her phone and constantly taking pictures and telling us we'll look great on Twitter. "Oh wait, just one more pic for Facebook - this is so awesome - I'm tagging you all." This went on continuously for two hours. I left there thinking that we never had one real conversation the entire time.
  • After three full days of constant celebrations, I was finally able to chill late Christmas evening and caught up with Facebook. I loved seeing all the ways that people spent the day and felt the warmth right through the computer. However, I don't really understand the play by plays. "Waking up my kids!" "Now we're opening presents!" "Look at the picture of the present I just opened!" "I'm loving this time with family!"


Take pictures - tweet updates, but do it like you're on a diet. Everything in moderation. Be conscious in the moment and occasionally enjoy the people around you -- just put down your phone.


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