The naked lady room and cigarette costumes... Ah, the good old days

The naked lady room and cigarette costumes... Ah, the good old days

I moved to Addison when I was about five years old and the two biggest things that made an impact on me were the built-in pool and the naked lady room.  There was a small room in the finished basement under the stairs that was completely covered with cutout magazine pictures of naked ladies.  It was some kind of perverse homemade wallpaper.

The fact that my parents with four children bought a house with a naked lady room, wasn't as odd as the fact that they didn't change it.  We had the naked lady room for years.  What's even funnier is that it was the changing room for the pool, and we just told our visitors to travel downstairs to the naked lady room like it was an extra bathroom.  It never seemed odd to us, or anyone else that went in there.

They'd laugh and move on.

What happened to those days?  Have we gotten just too politically correct?  I feel like every time I open my mouth I have to worry about offending someone.  If we had a naked lady room now, I'd be reported to DCFS.

Facebook and Halloween made me painfully aware that we're getting way too crazy with what we're worried about.  My friend dressed her daughter up as an Indian (oh wait, I'm sorry, a Native American) - I can't tell you how much grief she got over her Facebook picture.  My husband and I both went as Indians one year and even won a contest.  Do I need to state that I'm actually part Cherokee, so maybe that makes it acceptable?

According to Fox News, the University of Colorado Boulder sent out notifications that students couldn't dress as Native-Americans, cowboys, genies, hillbillies or pretty much anyone that might represent another culture.

Well, I'm screwed, and so are my kids because we've dressed as Hawaiians, Mexicans, genies, cowboys -- you name it - we've worn it - so I guess we've always been incredibly politically incorrect.  Am I alone in thinking at least some of these costumes are a celebration of our differences?  And even if some of them are not, have we all become so sensitive that we can't laugh at ourselves?

My very favorite post was from a friend that found an old Halloween photo that had her dressed up as a box of  cigarettes when she was younger.  She pointed out that not only did she win a contest, but she was wearing her girl scout pants at the time.

One year my middle daughter who was about four at the time, wore a costume that was flimsy and it was really cold outside, so I knew we needed a plan B.  She had a really ugly pink puffy coat, so I found matching pink pants, shoes and put a sign over  her head that said: PEPTO-BISMOL for upset stomach and diarrhea relief.  When we went trick-or-treating, everyone cracked up.  If I did that today, I'd be accused of child abuse.

All this sensitivity is getting ridiculous.  As a society, we really need to lighten up a bit and go sit in our naked lady room wearing our cigarette costumes......and then take a picture and put it on Facebook.

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