Mourning Black Friday

Mourning Black Friday

We've gathered here today to say goodbye to Black Friday.  Retailers and greed have killed it.

I have so many fond memories of waking up at 4am and meeting friends for early morning laughter and freezing as we ran from store to store.   Giddy while eating lunch because we nearly finished an entire season of shopping in five hours.  I will always love you Black Friday.  Thank you for some of the heartiest laughs and warmest feelings that have ever been provided.

But sadly this year, corporate greed completely sucked the fun right out of it by creeping into Thanksgiving.  The majority of retailers said they were giving in to consumer demand and opening the day before.  Consumer demand?  I'm sorry, but who was demanding they open on Thanksgiving day?  Your ever lowering prices are playing with people's emotions and lightly filled wallets.

Damn you Toys R Us for offering the Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack for $37.49 (retail $75) on Thanksgiving from 5 - 9pm.  Had it been at 4am Black Friday, I would have been there with friends and hundreds more to spend.  Instead, I need to condemn you for your part in the heartless slaughtering of Black Friday.

I will miss you dear friend.


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