Football isn't the only fall sport

Football isn't the only fall sport

I love football.  I love watching, playing and wagering on football.  It's an American classic that brings families, friends and strangers together - who doesn't love the constant party that football provides?

HOWEVER, there are so many athletes that work just as hard, some harder, that get very little recognition.

The high school my kids attend had many events last Thursday - boys soccer, girls volleyball, girls tennis, girls swimming - they all competed in matches, meets and games.  Some were against amazing schools and provided great competition.  On Friday morning, I was hoping to read about some of the results, but all our local newspaper could report on is how well the local football teams MIGHT do that night.

Clearly football is a big money maker and that is what drives the interest and attention, but I'd love to see those kids that spend their entire year working on alternative sports get some attention when they do something beyond ordinary.

I'll never forget a discussion with another parent that decided to rip on the sport that at least two of my kids have done relentlessly for years.  He claimed swimming isn't a sport because it doesn't have a ball and they're not trying to physically score against another player.  After 20 minutes of futile justifications, I realized there will always be people out there that have a simple way of looking at life and their vision will always be limited.

Am I the only one that likes to read about kids I don't even know achieving greatness in other sports?  I'm looking to do a post about individuals and/or teams that have worked incredibly hard this fall and have a story to be told.  It could be a win over a rival or a simple example of hard work.  I'd love to hear from you - message me if you'd like to include an individual or team accomplishment!

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