Miss America outrage is misplaced

Miss America outrage is misplaced

You can't touch social media today without hearing all the ignorant comments regarding Nina Davuluri (Miss New York) who was just crowned Miss America.

It seems as though many people are outraged because she is of Indian descent.  The internet is littered with comments like, "Miss New York is an Indian...With all do respect, this is America", "I swear I'm not racist but this is America.", "A BROWN PERSON WON MISS AMURICA? THEYS NOT AMURICAN!"  BuzzFeed does a great job of calling out all the comments.

Personally, I think the outrage is in the wrong place.  Regarding this situation, there are four things we should be outraged about:

  • Our education system is failing or at the very least releasing illiterate people that can manage to tweet.
  • Geography and Culture need to take a more prominent role in our schools because there are still people that believe Arabs are anyone not white.
  • Vocabulary seems to have some issues too because it appears as though the definition of an American confuses some people.
  • However the biggest outrage should really be:  Are we really STILL Producing Beauty Pageants?

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