Coed sleepovers: Why are parents hosting these?

Coed sleepovers: Why are parents hosting these?

While I was innocently hanging out in the kitchen the other night, my high school daughter came in with a question.  I knew it wasn't going to be a good one once I heard her intro (although when a teenager says 'I have a question', is it ever good?):

"I know you're going to say no, but....."

"Go ahead, lay it on me"

"Weellllll, so a whole bunch of us are going to homecoming and we were wondering if we could have a sleepover after the dance."

"No sleepover.  Nothing but trouble comes from teenage sleepovers."

"There won't be trouble at this one.  It's going to be a parental supervised coed sleepover."

I simply laughed

"Can I go?"

"Soooo, what about my past decisions would make you think that was even a remote possibility?"

"This is SO unfair.  EVERYONE is going.  WHY am I the ONLY one that can't ever do anything FUN?!?!"

As you can imagine the conversation just went south from there.  She couldn't believe I wouldn't consider it.  She was sure I was allowed to do things like that when I was in high school. HAHAHAHA - uhm, yeah, not even a remote possibility I was sleeping over with boys in high school.

That's because it was a time when parents seemed to parent.  It wasn't even an option.  Now it seems like so many moms out there want to be girlfriends with their kids.  Yes, I'm calling out the moms, because I can't believe coed sleepovers would be the brainchild of any fathers out there.

Please tell me, who is allowing these events to happen in their home?  What do they think they're accomplishing? I really don't understand it and would love to hear another side.  In my opinion, your kid doesn't need you to be their BFF, they need you to be their parent.

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