Coed sleepovers: The rebuttal

Coed sleepovers: The rebuttal

A couple days ago I wrote about coed sleepovers and wondered what type of parent hosts these events.  While I did get a few people telling me they're acceptable, nobody offered to tell me they have hosted in the past and think coed sleepovers are great-- except one person.

She allowed me to anonymously post her arguments in defense of hosting the events.  Personally, I'm very opposed to coed sleepovers and won't ever allow any of my kids to attend one while they're living under my roof.  However, I completely appreciate a great debate and am thrilled she's putting her opinions out there, even though I disagree with almost every statement:

* Kids in high school are absolutely sleeping together already (if that in fact is what you're worried about) wouldn't you rather have it under your roof than out in an alley somewhere?

* With that said, I have hosted coed sleepovers with strict supervision and there were no issues.  Everyone had memories of a lifetime.

* For those of you that don't think your kids are having sex, you're delusional.  Did you know most girls are on the pill?  They tell their parents it's because they're in sports and they need to regulate their periods for major competitions.

* At some point you need to trust your children.  They are going to be out of the house very soon.  I would much rather ease them into the adult world instead of just throwing an innocent protected kid straight into a frat house.

* Kids are much more mature these days.  They can definitely handle being around the opposite sex for a whole night.

* All this kind of stuff is happening already.  At least I know what's going on.

So there you have it.  Have you been convinced to host the next coed sleepover yet?  I clearly don't agree and will be sending my oldest off to college next year and am hoping this year will allow her to mature a bit more before she's placed in compromising situations.  I'm certainly not going to provide the situation myself.

As much as I disagree, I do have to thank my acquaintance for providing the other side.  I understand that she wanted to stay anonymous so she wouldn't have to answer the certain backlash.  However, speaking for myself I know if I'm proud of one of my decisions, even if it's unpopular, I let everyone know it!

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