What's in your lunchbox?

What's in your lunchbox?

School has started, and I've realized the only thing that's a bigger nightmare than back to school supply shopping is purchasing food for lunches.  Don't suggest hot lunch because I've seen them prepare the food at our school.  Not an option.

We always have fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, but I'm running out of options.  My kids tell everyone at school they live in a health food store.  I don't even think we're that extreme, I just try my best to make things available that are semi-healthy.  The biggest problem is they're getting bored.

I'm sure it's my fault, because when I find something healthy that the kids will eat, I order cases of it online.  They get about half-way through and then no one will eat it anymore.  They lose interest quickly.

Against my better judgement, I took two of my kids with me to Jewel and told them they could get anything they wanted in order to supplement their lunches but there was one rule.  They had to be able to read and define every ingredient.

We spent almost two hours there and only produced a handful of items.  It was a nightmare.  The whole experience made me depressed.  Why are we marketing and producing such crap for our kids?  Pretty much anything with a cartoon character on the package had the worst ingredients of all.

Not only that, but when we found something even remotely acceptable, it was flippin' expensive.  I'm not exactly sure how we change the system, besides letting our dollars do the talking.  I don't think I'm very effective on that front though because I haven't stepped into a McDonalds in over ten years, and weird, they still seem to be hanging in there.

If there's anything that seems to be working in your house, PLEASE share the wealth here or message me.  I'm so frustrated with the options out there and my kids telling me how delicious their friend's lunches are... Must. Stay. Strong. Not. Give. In. To. Marketing. Of. Crap.

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