Dancing on Broadway: Video of why this boy needs to dance

Dancing on Broadway:  Video of why this boy needs to dance

Many people read my post "If my son wanted to dance I would kill myself", and in general I received the most amazing feedback.  I can honestly say that post changed my life and thinking. I've always known my son had a love for dance, but because we're such an intense sports family, it never really occurred to me to have him pursue that passion.  Instead, I just thought of it as cute. I don't anymore.

When that jackass made such a rude comment, it was like I was hit in the head with a frying pan.  Why didn't I see dance as a viable option for him?  Why did I only think traditional sports was the way to go? He just needs to be happy.  Dancing makes him happy. Last week we went to New York City.  As we were walking down Broadway, there were street dancers drawing a crowd.  He stopped and was mesmerized.  They took a break, and before we knew it, he ran out of the crowd into the open space and went nuts.  He has absolutely NO dance training.

I've had people tell me I'm exaggerating and all kids like to dance.  Maybe that's true, but how many NEED to dance? Something took over my son in NYC and he had to go out there, so I popped out my cell phone and started recording.  It's not the best quality, and believe me, I don't think he's an amazing dancer, but what he does have is passion and I tried to catch some of that on film:

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