15 Healthy lunch options kids WON'T throw away

When I complained about the crappy snack options for lunch, I received some great suggestions.  Read the comments on that post if you want some pointers for salads and fresh lunch options.

In an ideal world, kids would eat fruit, vegetables and lean protein.  What I've discovered is if that's all they get, they trade, throw away or come home with those same exact items. It leaves you wondering what the hell they really ate. My kids get those essentials, but what I was looking for were items to supplement.  Something that stands up and punches Doritos in the face.  When the kid next to mine pulls out a bag of potato chips, mine should be able to whip out something from his bag of tricks that's crunchy and tastes just as good.

My options aren't the healthiest choice you can make in the garden.  My options are not going to take the place of veggies.  We all know wrapping carrots and hummus in a whole wheat tortilla is a great thing, I just can't always take the extra five minutes.  Sometimes I need to just be able to grab a bag of something and throw it in.

I've picked items that don't have High Fructose Corn Syrup or Partially Hydrogenated Oils.  Nothing is fried and they have readable ingredients.  We all know Cliff bars and Kashi, but I'm trying to think outside the box. These are kid tested so I feel pretty comfortable in suggesting them - let me know if you also approve or have any further suggestions.  I'm always trying to mix it up.  I'm wild like that.

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