Dorm life: survival mode

Dorm life: survival mode

Well if you read my nudity post, then you know I'm chaperoning my daughter's soccer team at an international tournament.  They're having a great time.  Amazing time actually.

I, on the other hand am struggling a bit.  My dorm room looks incredibly similar to a prison cell. I am incarcerated with another inmate that sleeps in a bed that's 10 inches away from mine.  My hallway and room have a smell that's a mixture of Cheetos and Doritos with a splash of body odor - and the smell never goes away, and I never get use to it.  This morning the first person I saw was Bozo/Gallagher and he smiled a giant one and said, "Hey Dair."  Mortification and a giggle set in immediately.

The walk to the bathroom is at the opposite end of the hallway from my room.  May not seem far to some, but those of us that have had children and the gift of a weaker bladder because of it, getting out of a bed, putting your shoes on, and walking a city block every time you have to go, is pretty major.

My bed is a cement slab, yet strangely enough it creaks with every slight muscle twitch.  The bedding they provide is paper thin and I ended up just getting my own sheets and blanket and putting those on.

It's a mousetrap maze to get in and out of our hallway and I'm never quite confident I'm going the correct direction.  We have to walk across the street for all our meals which of all things, really isn't too bad.

Breakfast is the best.  They offer a lot of fresh fruit and granola, so I'm set.  Lunch and dinner are a little scary because I never quite know what I'm eating.  There's always a salad bar, but I'm not a big fan of communal food.  For some reason the table and chairs are always wet and sticky.  Yesterday there was a long line of puddles down each step.  I thought it was water until our players started walking through it and getting stuck like glue to the spots  It was maple syrup.  I can't decide if by the end of the week if I'll be 15 pounds heavier or lighter.  I've been eating a lot less however everything I am consuming is filled with butter and oil.

I'm doing my best to be positive and actually my roommate and I laugh frequently throughout the day about what we're surviving.  It's clearly not as bad as being homeless, but pretty close.  I can't believe at one time in my life I thought dorm living was incredibly cool.

My silver lining is people.  Which is odd, because generally I tend to not like them very much.  We have two tournament hosts assigned to our dorm who have been great to our girls.  They teach them games and listen to all their stories.  The front desk is filled with college students that spend hours chatting with our girls and share all kids of information.  Our dorm is littered with foreigners and an exchange of language and learning has taken place with almost every encounter.

The adults I'm chaperoning with are awesome.  They all have the best attitude and we definitely have one common goal: To make this the best possible experience for our girls.  Lastly, the kids are the best - which is also strange for me to say because usually at the end of a sleepover for one night, I'm looking forward to the kid going home.  But these girls are great - I just love them all.  Seeing them exposed to so many experiences and people for the first time has given me a new appreciation for everything our world has to offer.

We're halfway through, and I'm not begging to go home yet.  However, I would kind of like my old bed and my stomach seems to want some normal food and a closer bathroom...

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