Dorm life: great at 20, sucks at 40

Dorm life: great at 20, sucks at 40

I'm about to do something that I've been dreading for months.  I get heart palpitations just thinking about it.

I'm going to live in the dorms.

Looking back a couple of decades (plus), it was the most exciting and fun time I've ever had.  I lived in a very tiny room.  As soon as my roommate and I both pulled our beds out from under their bolsters, there was virtually no floor space.  Neither of us cared.  It was awesome.

We lived on a coed floor and running from the bathrooms in towels that barely covered our skinny asses was the bomb.  Waking up in the hallway covered in streamers, wondering what the heck happened the previous night brought upon fits of giggles.  Trying to outsmart the RA became a daily challenge of wits.  simply amazing memories.

I've packed in a lifetime of experiences since those days and along with maturity, wisdom and perspective, I've also added a few more qualities such as, higher standards, a refined palette, respect for my own comfy bed, need for privacy, extreme moments of insomnia and an appreciation for serenity. In other words, I've gotten old.

I've been managing my 11 year old's travel soccer team since they were six and seven years old.  They're an amazing group of girls.  We've traveled quite a bit for tournaments, but there's been one we've been wanting to attend for years.  The Schwan's USA Cup.  It's in Minnesota and run like the Olympic Games.  They have opening and closing ceremonies where teams from all over the world march into the stadium and experience a party like no other.  They play soccer games every day for a week and experience a whirlwind of activities during non-playing moments.  Sounds great, doesn't it?

The problem is that in order to attend, they need three chaperones.  Guess who's one of them?

I saw a video of the dorm we're staying in.  Looks like it was built somewhere around 1910.  Our bathroom is down the hall.  Or maybe a flight up or down.  I asked about the food and the woman at the tournament paused and said, "well.... it's dorm food."  Phew, and I was worried.

I have a roommate.  At least I know her.  And I like her.  She's kind of perfect in every way.  I'm kind of not.  Should be interesting.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to peel myself away from all the luxuries and lounge by the pool to send updates, but in case I get too caught up with my manicures and massages, I'll be sure to share the adventure when I return.  Hopefully without bed bugs and an additional Freshman 15.

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