Bert and Ernie come out on The New Yorker's cover

Bert and Ernie come out on The New Yorker's cover

The cover of The New Yorker is simply titled "Bert and Ernie's Moment of Joy."  It shows Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street cuddling as they watch members of the United States Supreme Court on television.

The picture suggests the two long-time "best friends" are celebrating the DOMA decision.

There are plenty of critics on both sides.  The people that are for the cover find it "revolutionary" and amazing.  Mia Farrow tweeted "one of the best New Yorker covers ever"

The critics against the cover have many things to say, One that sums it up is posted on flavorwire: "belittling the decades-long --hell, milennia-long --- fight for equal rights by needlessly sexualizing a pair of puppets."  They think it's infantile.

I am not gay so I can't give that perspective.  However, I am a parent and have also been witness to the pain of a couple not being able to marry and get benefits simply because they were the same sex.

I love the cover.  It is brilliant on so many different levels.  Bert and Ernie were always assumed to be gay, and this shows the relief of a couple that hasn't come out - it seems to give them permission now to live like they want to live.  It also touches on the point that our children will now grow up in a different world.

The argument that muppets are just puppets and shouldn't be sexualized doesn't hold water.  Miss Piggy and Kermit married years ago.  Not only that, but it is only suggested that Bert and Ernie are together - nothing is being thrown in your face.

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