Kristin McQueen is doing IRONMAN: But she needs your help

Kristin McQueen is doing IRONMAN:  But she needs your help

Have you ever dragged yourself to a workout and think how much you'd rather be laying in bed? Try imagining doing that while having cancer.  Not just any cancer, but the mother of all cancers.

Imagine doing that workout after having five neck surgeries, ten brain surgeries and two rounds of radiation.

Now, take that workout and magnify your effort and length by 10.  Then you might get a glimpse into the world of Kristin McQueen.

In 2003, Kristen was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer. It has taken quite a toll on her physically, but she is amazingly fierce. She is an athlete and a competitor.  When she's competing, she is in control, not cancer.

Kristen fights like no one I've ever seen or heard of and the more you know her, the more you'll feel like you're fighting right along side her.  She is such a competitor, that after her first brain surgery, she competed in the 2007 Chicago Marathon.  The same one that was so hot that they had to stop the race.  Kristen finished.

She has competed in a number of Ironman races, but her dream is to compete at Ironman Kona.  It is the world championship of Ironman races. Ironman holds a contest for seven slots to be given to the winners to compete at Kona.

There is a group of Kristen enthusiasts that are working to get people to vote for her to make sure she sees one of her dreams come true. Please help:

  • Watch this video
  • vote every day from now until May 7th, 2013
  • Tell everyone you know to vote as well
  • Watch her compete at Kona!


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