Tea, me and maturity

Tea, me and maturity

People who drink coffee and tea out of travel mugs look cool.  They just do.  It gives them something to do with their hands, they have an air of sophistication, and obviously a refined sense of taste.  I always wanted to be one of those people.

My problem?  I can't stand the taste of coffee or tea.  I've experimented with coffee the most.  Flavored creams, sugar, other sweeteners, dark roast, light roast, everything -achino.  You name it, I've tried it.

I've even been a wannabe at Starbucks and ordered kid drinks in a quiet voice and pretended like it was coffee.  But there's nothing worse than when they yell out, "You want whip cream and a chocolate swirl on your hot chocolate?"

I think I've finally given up with coffee.  But I still need a go-to drink.  Something that screams maturity.  Sodas are out.  I want something warm that I can cuddle up with at those early morning soccer games.

I've come closer with tea, but still never really liked it.  My good friend had a tea tasting event at her home and I thought for sure that I'd find something appealing in the dozen or so samples that were handed out.  Nothing.  Every time a new one was passed around, the crowd oohed and ahed after sipping from their tiny sample cups.  "Love the fruity scent - Wonderfully smooth - Light and airy - Just delicious."  I tasted nothing that they did.  Was I destined to have the palette of a ten-year-old?

While at the mall with my older daughters in Cleveland, we stumbled upon Teavana.  They ran right in and told me to try all their samples.  I knew I wouldn't like anything, but felt like I should try to be cool and sophisticated in front of them.  I cringed before tasting the first one, and as soon as it passed my lips, I couldn't believe it.  I actually LIKED it!  It had a twangy/cinnamon bite to it that completely overpowered the tea aftertaste.  My girls were so excited by their palette being far superior to mine that they suggested I try the blueberry/pineapple cold tea.  I insisted I wouldn't like it.  I can't stand iced/sweet tea.  I reluctantly took a sip and I hated to admit -- I loved it.

I didn't actually purchase anything since we were on the road, but I couldn't get that tea out of my head.  The hot one was like drinking a spicy cinnamon stick and I knew it would finally give me the start to the day that I've craved for years.

I went to Teavana when I returned from my road trip and boy did they see me coming.  They showed me how to make the two combinations and bagged up my tea.  They also sold me some rock sugar and a cool travel mug that would let people know I had finally arrived and was an adult.

They bagged up my purchases and told me the total.  $176 - WHAT?!?!  Of course I had to remain calm as I handed over my credit card.  I asked about how far this would take me and they said a couple of weeks.  Seriously?  I could buy over 100 big gulps for that money.  Maturity is expensive.

However, I figured I've wasted hundreds of dollars trying different teas and coffees attempting to find a fit, so I'm hoping that means that part of my life is over.  Although knowing me, I'm going to try to find cheaper alternatives to copy the exact taste.

I get to test my image this weekend at two different soccer tournaments.  I wonder if it will be like a subtle facelift and people will come up to me and say, "hm, something looks different.  You look relaxed and like you've been on vacation or something.."

My next quest is learning to like wine.  It's starting to get embarrassing when we're at an elegant dinner with friends and they're ordering exotic bottles after studying the wine list and when the waiter comes to me and I say in my most sophisticated voice possible, "Can I have a Bud?"


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