9 Abbreviated words adults need to stop saying

I went to a school fundraising meeting this morning. Everyone seemed like nice, normal adults.  Then I met John. He jumped up and said, "Hey! No probs on the delay (I was late), the drops are making it cray cray."  What? I was a little flustered because I was coming from the vet where my weak bladdered puppy leaked every time a high pitched staff member noticed how cute she was, so I figured I must have misunderstood what he said.

Nope. It wasn't my overexposure to urine. He really did talk like a teenage girl. I was fascinated and started writing down some of his phrases. I didn't get much done at the meeting, but did determine if you are saying any of these and are over the age of 15, you might want to consult a thesaurus.

Or start following Cheaper Than Therapy on Facebook, because I don't say any of them.

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