Dear children: thank you for the gifts

Dear children: thank you for the gifts

Dear Children:

As I laid the guilt trip down for your dad when he said he needed to be out of town this whole week, I secretly knew you would all be so incredibly helpful that I was just milking the situation.  It was so much more than I could have asked for, so I decided to put into writing all the gifts I've been given this week.

Monday:  Happy Pulaski Day.  I had the joy of you all being home for the entire day.  The constant, happy chirps of one gently telling the other to get their butt out of their room was like music to my ears.  Hiding hairballs in each other's beds wrapped up as presents was so kind.  After spending the day cooking, thank you for not noticing the enormous stack of dirty pans and saying, "This dinner is so good, where did you order it from?"

Tuesday:  The amazing news that there was a snow day brought delightful screams and more stream of battles, I mean giddy interactions.  The electrical fire in the basement was quite the excitement that you all seemed to miss because you were busy "sharing" the remote.  Then later in the day I was so happy to provide you free entertainment as you watched from the warmth of the house as I struggled endlessly to try to work the snowblower.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated the rolling laughter as I sprayed myself in the face with a few feet of snow as it took me quite a long time to figure out how to rotate the chute.

Wednesday:  The sad news that everyone would be back at school was thwarted by sudden illness from my second born.  Thank you for that, I didn't want to make any of my appointments that day anyway.  Then when I went to the laundry room after the last bus carried my youngest to school, I was thrilled to see all my neatly folded laundry that was in 7 individual piles was now consolidated to one massive lump since some of you couldn't find exactly what you needed for the day.  Thank you for giving me something to do.

Thursday:  Somebody discovered their Thermos half-filled with items that have been in there for weeks - the scent that filled the air was awesome.  I loved the Easter egg hunt you set up for me in the form of water bottles.  I found 14 of them scattered in backpacks, under beds and in the car - boy you sure are tricky.  The best gift of all was given this morning when I reached the bathroom.  Not only did someone plug it up, but then another dear cherub decided to test it out by relieving themselves over the blockage -- yep, still plugged up, but thanks so much for testing it for me.

Did I mention all the forgotten homework, lunches and last-minute before and after school drives that were handed to my schedule?  It was so nice of you to arrange for us to see each other during the day.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us - I hope some of you allow me to use my credit card, I haven't been able to pull that out since Sunday -- thank you for giving me one less thing I have to dust off.

You children are the gifts that just keep giving.



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