Seth MacFarlane: No need for We Saw Your Boobs at the Oscars

Seth MacFarlane:  No need for We Saw Your Boobs at the Oscars

One of the worst things I saw last week was an e-mail from my daughter's school asking for DADS to ref a fun basketball game and MOMS to serve them water.  Ridiculous.

I don't consider myself an over-the-top feminist, but I do get offended by things that are clearly sexist.  Why do we perpetuate the gender roles and allow females to be seen as subservient to men?  Things can be funny without being so disparaging.

My whole family watched the Academy Awards together last night.  I knew not to expect the epitome of class with Seth MacFarlane, but I didn't realize that I'd be rolling my eyes with all the sexist jokes that were presented.  At first I simply had a difficult time figuring out why Peter Brady was hosting the Oscars.  When I got over the extreme resemblance, I wish that was all I was obsessing about.

We Saw Your Boobs.  Really?  This was the Oscars.  It reminds me of the part in Pretty Woman when Vivian is offered money to sleep with Stuckey and she gets offended because she was all dressed up and in a classy situation, not prepared to deal with slimy men.  Not only that, but the song was performed early in the evening.  My six-year-old was watching with us.  Immediately he started singing "we saw your boobs".  It was nothing I wanted him to repeat and not that it's any better, but we told him Seth was saying poops.  I figured I'd increase my odds of NOT getting a call from Kindergarten today if he was singing "we saw your poops."

There were many subtle sexist things, that I probably would have let go if he didn't start the Oscars with 'we saw your boobs'.  Why didn't he follow it up with we saw your penis'?

Can't they afford real hosts, like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

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