Lulu app: A Dating Girls Best Friend

Lulu app: A Dating Girls Best Friend

You make a connection with a guy on  You start exchanging e-mails.  You start exchanging texts.  It's time to meet.

The problem?  You know absolutely nothing about him.  You don't know if he's sincere or blowing smoke.  You don't know any of his friends.  You don't know any of his friend's friends.  You don't know anyone from his high school.

You Google his name and look him up on Linkedin and Facebook.  It's all either private or cookie cutter information.  Is there any way to make this blind date less blind?  Well now, there's an app for that.


Lulu is the first app that allows you to read and write reviews of guys.  It's a girl-only sight that gives you some insight on the guys you're about to date.  It's not a place for ex-girlfriends to trash talk guys.  It's just a place to hear what other women have to say about your new soulmate.

Two years ago, Alexandra Chong was with her girlfriends at lunch in London talking about men.  They all felt they needed a place to talk about them.  She then created Lulu.

Women answer a number of questions and anonymously post information about various men in their life.  It could be exes, brothers or simply friends.  Then at the end of the questioning, Lulu gives the guy an overall rating on a scale from one to 10.

This is the latest obsession for not only single girls, but also has guys craving information on how they were rated.  Men can't access it, but instead they are forwarded to Lulu Dude where they can see an overall view of their standings.  They can also add pictures with turn-ons and turn-offs.

This is going to be huge.  If you are long out of the dating scene (like I am), ask your teens about it.  They will talk about it with a slight grin and tell you that pretty much every boy they know is obsessed with wanting to know and increase their rating.

This is a really fun app and I'd encourage any female out there to check it out.  When asked if Lulu is evil, this is how they respond:  "Lulu is cheeky, but definitely not evil (it's a way to) discuss their latest crush...Call him out on bad behavior.  Give him credit for being a true gentleman."

Bravo Alexandra, I do believe you've created a goldmine.

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