Dan Marino has Love Child with CBS production assistant: Shocking

Dan Marino has Love Child with CBS production assistant: Shocking

Give me a break.  The news is littered with the "SHOCKING" revelation that Dan Marino, the ex-Miami Dolphin QB, had an affair with a CBS PA.

Really?  A sports hero stepped out on his wife?  A legend paid his girlfriend to keep quiet about the whole thing?  He has a 7 year old Love Child that he only sees once in a while?

The only reason this is news is because people eat up the gossip, and Marino has lived with a squeaky clean image for years.  He's been married for almost 30 years and has six kids.

Here's the second shocker:  Dan's wife is staying with him.

I get so tired of these stories making headlines.  Let's have headlines about the public figures that are faithful to their spouses.  I guess that doesn't happen because there aren't too many out there.  Even if there are a few, they'll probably end up disappointing everyone with an affair later on anyway.

Dan's girlfriend (Donna Savattere) is now married to someone else and all is is well.  Big fat happy ending.

Marino is one of the hosts for the "Super Bowl Today" telecast on Sunday.  I sure hope one of his co-hosts bring up the whole scandal in order to see Dan squirm.  Unfortunately that probably won't happen.  The other guys are probably just wiping their brow of sweat, relieved that they weren't the ones caught.


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