What's up with all the coyotes?

I live right outside a forest preserve, and in the eight years we've lived here, I've heard coyotes howling probably a couple dozen times.  I've only seen one and I'm not going to lie - it completely freaked me out.  That was years ago, and I can still describe exactly how it looked.  In the past few weeks I've heard them almost every night and morning.  I've seen them on the back part of our property at least a couple of times a week and this morning was the worst encounter.

Our new puppy was crying at 4:45 this morning, which usually means she has to poop.  Reluctantly, my husband rolled out of bed, put on the leash and took her and our older dog out.  The older dog stood right by him as he patiently waited for puppy Koby to do her business.  All of a sudden, the older dog (Lucky) started to crouch down and bared her teeth in the direction of the large play set in back.  Out of the corner of my husband's eye he saw it - a large coyote just waiting to pounce.

As I started to fall back asleep, I heard the loudest yell blast out of my husband from the backyard, "LUCKY - LUCKY -COME BACK - LUCKY!!!" Knowing exactly what that meant, I flew out of bed and ran out into the snow barefoot.  I could only imagine the worst because when I flung open the back door, there my husband was, running back to the house without either of the dogs.  My heart sank.  His face was white and he shouted, "Watch Koby, I need to find Lucky."  I had no idea where the puppy was, but when I turned around, she was cowering in a corner still attached to the leash close to the back door.  She was afraid to move or even look at me - she just sunk her head lower to the ground and made herself as small as possible.  When I finally lifted Koby up, I noticed there was a turd underneath her.  The encounter literally scared the shit out of her.

I put the puppy in the kennel and went out to help with the search.  I was sick to my stomach wondering what I would discover in the woods.  I saw a beam of light coming toward me and heard a soft clink of metal in a rhythmic pattern.  At that point I knew it was the sound of our dog moving on her own accord.  Instant relief flowed through my body.  I'm not sure what was waiting for her beyond the point she stopped, but something told her to go back to my husband.

small miracles...

What do we do about all the coyotes?  Isn't there an anvil or something I could drop on them?

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