The Medical Community is Fat and Drug Happy

The Medical Community is Fat and Drug Happy

I've had quite a few medical issues lately.  Nothing serious, but enough where I've been to different doctors a half dozen times in the  past couple of months.  Two things stood out to me that I can't seem to get pa

First, I can't believe how many overweight medical professionals are out there.  You would think that the very people who encourage healthy living would mirror that behavior.  My biggest fear in going to the doctor, isn't the shots, not the potential for bad news, not even the partial nudity that usually consumes me.  It's getting on the scale.  I hate that part.  However, when the people moving the boulder-sized weight over to get my digits is so much heavier than I am, my fear subsides.  They understand my pain, but I just really want them to be the model.  I want them to be the pinnacle of fitness because they know in detail all the adverse affects additional weight can bring.  With all the tragedy they see, how can they possibly remain heavy?

The second thing that bothers me even more, are all the medication questions and prescriptions.  This same series of questions took place with almost every medical professional I encountered:

"What medications are you currently taking?"


"Nothing?  How about anti-depressants, hormone replacements, heart, blood, diabetic, supplements?"


"Are you sure?

"Yep, I'm sure.  Nothing"

"Hm, that's interesting, well please let me know if you think of anything."

I was asked over and over again about my medications.  I understand that they want to make sure they don't mix anything in case they need to prescribe, but the reaction I received when they found out I wasn't taking anything, was nothing short of amazement.  I found that so sad.

Then once I was diagnosed with various ailments, the doctors ran straight to the prescription pad.  There wasn't any wait and see.  There wasn't any suggestions of natural remedies.  Even when I said I really wasn't in any pain, I still walked out of there with slips of paper.  In the past three weeks I've been given Tylenol with Codeine #3, Vicodin and Darvocet.  I never filed any of them.  The nurse called yesterday and asked if I needed any refills.  Really?  She didn't even ask how I was doing.  Her first question was do you need a refill on the pain meds.  What the hell is wrong with our over-medicated society?

When I was with the doctor on a different issue that I really was having pain for, I told him I was getting a little worried because I was still taking Advil three times a day, and just wondered how long this should last.  He told me to call him in a month if the pain doesn't subside.  WHAT?  Just take a pill and call me in a month if you're still taking them.  A MONTH?

I just don't get it.  Our medical society sucks.

I don't even know if I blame the medical community.  I blame the pharmaceutical companies. They're the ones making all the money.  Why is it that every other commercial is a miracle drug?  The worst part is it's becoming commonplace for the next generation to think nothing of taking a pill to cure everything.

My husband was walking up the stairs and I heard him say he was exhausted.  My five-year-old said, "Well you need to take one of those Man Pills"  We both just kind of looked at each other and asked him what a man pill was.  "you know, it will give you energy and get you in the mood."  YIKES!  In the mood for what??  "To get up and go!"  Well, I guess that's one way to put it.  I blame my husband for watching an excessive amount of Bears and Bulls games with him lately.

Ridiculous.  Going to a fat, prescription happy doctor is like getting a report card from the teacher with grammatical errors.  There are just some things that shouldn't happen.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take my lady pill and watch Dr. Phil perform some real miracles.


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